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Thanks to all the athletes present, the great protagonists of the day.

Thanks to the municipal administration that supported and supported us in all our requests and not without difficulty allows us every year to compete with closed roads.

Thanks to all the tour operators who have helped us both for the accommodation of athletes and with the distribution of meals.

Thanks to all the police in the field: traffic police, carabinieri, firemen red cross, opsa.

Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who have helped us in all these long days of hard work.

Thanks to all the people of the valley who these days endure and live with some minor discomfort.

Thanks to all the sponsors who believe in us in our project and in our work, thanks to the tourist consortium and to all the media that have given us space.

And finally, thank you (and here every one of you also thank those who want) to those who have decided to give LedroMan a meteorological perfect day.

See you soon at 2020






For every further information we are at your disposal.

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Tel. +39 380 7684567 -Please after 3.30 p.m.-



750 mt


20 km


5 km


Active Services during the event

  • Electronic timing Mysdam
  • Road closed to traffic for the duration of the race
  • Motorcyclists Technical Escort Riva del Garda
  • Reserved parking lots for the athletes and free parking near the transition area
  • Toilets and showers near the transition area
  • Mechanical assistance Leoni Cicli
  • Wetsuit rental Trirunnis shop
  • Health care on the routes C.R.I.
  • Health care in the water O.P.S.A.
  • More than 150 volunteers to ensure the success of the event and the total safety in the course
  • Photoshooting Foto Studio 3
  • Stop at 2°km of the running part
  • Water, salts and fresh fruit at the finish line
  • Pasta party for all the athletes included in the registration fee and at a special price for friends



For further information do not hesitate to contact us.
We will gladly answer all your questions.